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Looking ahead to this week in FPRL and the drivers are off to Suzuka, Japan for the next chapter in this epic championship.

Track Preview

The Japanese Grand Prix first entered the F1 calendar in 1963, however Suzuka has played host to the Grand Prix since only 2003, even then Fuji have staged the race on multiple occasions since then

Known for its sweeping mid speed first sector (drivers will be been to avoid them pesky kerbs, even in dry conditions!) and its famous 130R corner, Suzuka provides a challenge for any driver, let alone the most experienced ones.

Despite not being held in 2020 & 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, FPRL return to this fan favourite track this week. Given the nature of the weather at Suzuka, with plenty of cancelled sessions in the real world due to adverse weather, this race is certainly not one to miss.

Mercedes have been the most dominant team during the hybrid era, winning every race since 2014, and their in game counterparts will be hoping for similar success, being just a small majority of points off the AlphaTauri's at the top of the constructors standing

Tier 1

AliFerrari will certainly be looking to match his great performances over the past couple of races and follow up with a good performance here. Winning in Singapore and arguably being the fastest person at the Russian Grand Prix on race day, many will tip him to mount a title challenge as we get in to the closing stages of the season. Shots2drippy is another driver to watch, getting second last time out in Singapore and winning in Russia, some think his consistency over a season is starting to pay off.

Tier 2

In Tier 2 the AlphaTauri team will certainly be looking to maintain a hold on their current championship lead with at their engine suppliers home race and the drivers championship could not be tighter at the moment. After his impressive drive to a win (and a fantastic celebration) last time out in Singapore, scotsman will certainly be hoping to close up to the top. Hopefully we get to see the best of RSF1 Kachow this week after his mishap in the race last time out, with many believing on pure pace, he's the man to beat most race days.

How to watch

Races will be streaming live this week on the 11th and 12th of November on our twitch channel.

With commentary from DavidLOLFace and I Biddle X on Thursday @ 8PM

And RSF1 Raikkonen and AltijDean on Friday @ 8PM

We look forward to seeing you there!

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