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Introducing... The Inaugural FPRL F2 Championship!

It's announcement time! And that means you can all get excited for the first FPRL F2 Championship. We will be running a miniature 7-race season for all tiers.

Starting this Sunday, once every 2 weeks we will be running a 20-car grid F2 race where drivers across tiers will race wheel to wheel.

This coming Sunday (10/04/22) we will be racing at Monza The full Race Calendar can be seen under Calendar & Results > Formula 2.

Of course all races will be live streamed on our Twitch by a mixture of our Main comms (Rotating every round) and perhaps a few guest appearances from other members of FPRL.

One thing is for certain, we will have plenty of excitement, so be sure to tune in, and make sure to return here soon for future updates!

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